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Wood Exploitation and Processing

About Us

SCNB Woodlink is a forestry company and sawmill that deals with the exploitation and processing of timber like Ayous, Azobe, Bibolo, Bilinga, Bubinga, Cotali, Doussie, Ebony, Iroko, Kosipo, Okan, Pachyloba, Padauk, Sapelli,Tali, etc to various parts of the world like Asia, America, Europe.

The Company has certifications ranging from exploitation, processing, and exportation license which covers all the various aspects of the forestation business.

It is of crucial importance to note that the company Woodlink CAM is the sister company to SCNB that is, Woodlink Cameroon operates as a sawmill while SCNB is out for exploitation. SCNB and Woodlink Cameroon were both founded by the same founder and operate as one hence the name SCNB Woodlink. 

SCNB stands for Societe Camerounaise de Negoce de Bois.

Our Products

Azobe, Ayous, Bibolo, Bilinga, Bubinga, Cotali, Dabema, Doussie, Ebony, Fraket, Iroko, Kosipo, Moabi, Okan, Okoume, Pachyloba, Padauk, Sapelli, Sipo, Tali, Teak, Tiama, Wenge etc.

31 years of Forest Exploitation with Quality and Sustainability at its Best

" We are professionals and prompt in our business dealings with integrity being our watchword. We take pride in ensuring that our clients are very satisfied with our products. We welcome your inquiries about any aspect of our business and most especially how our products can reach your destination. For our international business partners, we understand the importance of authenticity in this kind of business which is why we are always delighted to present our various authorization certificates that we hold from the Government of Cameroon to proof our genuineness and authenticity. On behalf of the Management and staff of SCNB Woodlink, I welcome you to our website. "
The President