About Us

 SCNB Woodlink is an international company based in Cameroon with a branch office in the UK precisely at Uckfield, that is specialized in forest exploitation and wood processing through its heavily endowed sawmill which permits the transformation of timber into various sizes and length based on buyers’ requirements. The company also carries out classic doors production to satisfy local demands. We have been operating in our legal forest since August 1992. We hold several licenses from the Government of Cameroon to exploit and process wood products both for local and international partners. This has permitted us to be one of the top timber suppliers in Cameroon and Africa. The company is managed by qualified professionals ranging from Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, forest management and wood exploitation. We are one of the leading exporters of timber/wood in Cameroon and Africa in terms of volume and quality since 1992. While SCNB deals with Timber exploitation, its sisters company known as Woodlink Cam deals with transformation, thus the name SCNB Woodlink. We assure you of prompt and quality service if you are looking for exotic wood suppliers from Cameroon and Africa.