Sustainable development goals


It is of great importance to note that SCNB Woodlink is an international company that is not only out to maximise profits but also, the company is out to create long-lasting social impact by making sure that there is constantly sustainable exploitation of wood and contributing to the growth of the rural communities where it carries out its activities. 

No Poverty

The company implements various benevolent mechanism in order to reduce the rate of hunger in the rural areas where we carryout exploitation and processing of timber. Some of these mechanisms include payment of royalties per cubic meter to the community, construction of public taps etc. This goes a long way to increase the standard of living of the rural communities thereby curbing the rate of hunger.

Climate Actions

The business model of SCNB Woodlink is hybrid, that is, the company is not just only out to make profit but to generate impact. As a result, the company carries out sustainable exploitation of timber in order to help fight against global warming which is partly as a result of deforestation.


The activities of SCNB Woodlink serves as a direct and indirect source of employment to all ages especially youths both in the rural and urban areas. The company doesn’t just employ qualified individuals, but provides incentives to foster the development of workers moral and professional capacities.

Zero Hunger

SCNB Woodlink makes sure the villagers in the rural communities where we are located are fed before and during exploitation. The company also supports the agricultural activities of the rural community by helping these farmers to procure seeds, clearing their fields etc. This facilitates the agricultural activities of the villagers thereby leading to a reduction of hunger.